SNP-ACSYS Balancing Toner 180ml + Emulsion 180ml Set + Free Cleansing Foam 50g

ACSYS Balancing Toner + Emulsion Set


SNP-ACSYS Balancing Toner 180ml + Emulsion 180ml Set + Free Cleansing Foam 50g

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SNP ACSYS Product Line
Balancing Toner 180ml + Emulsion 180ml + Facial Cleansing Foam 50ml


Balancing Toner and emulsion use mild ingredients that add natural ingredients from flower extract and remove
irritating ingredients such as mineral oil, Sulphate surfactant, tar pigment. ACSYS balance toner and emulsion Provides control sebum prevent over oily skin’s surface ensure all-day hydration Enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid to lock in moisture & fill in fine lines Contains a careful selection of natural ingredients to provide vitality & improve skin elasticity Maintains an optimal oil-water balance in skin Leaves skin soft, smooth, dewy, plump, bright & clarified Perfect for all skin types. 

Cleansing Foam Creates fine, rich bubbles that penetrates deeply into pores Contains 5 Natural extract ingredients (refer to below photo) remove impurities & residues inside pores Blended with Collagen to prevent skin aging & reduce wrinkles Deeply moisturizes & nourishes skin Leaves skin clear, smooth, elastic, radiant & refreshed Perfect for all skin types.

Packaging Inclusion: 1 x Balancing Toner 180ml,
                                 1 x Emulsion 180ml and
                                   1x Cleansing Foam 50ml
(Gift Box Packaging Included)

Expiry date: Dec/2022

Weight 950 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 6 cm
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